How To Not Be a Cunt Book

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This limited edition book by our prized Ruin Days in-house author, Notta Kunt, is the perfect way to help cunts all around the world get the help they need. Unfortunately, studies show 7 out of 10 cunts actually remain cunts for the entirety of their lives. This sad statistic is mostly due to the lack of information on how to refrain from actually being a cunt. Most of the pages of this book try to drill home the mantra of non-cunts around the world:

Easy, just don't be a cunt.

Many of us, non-cunts, take the blessing of understanding these words for granted. This seemingly obvious practice does not come natural to many cunts. Throughout the book, Notta skillfully introduces radically new ideas that can help open the eyes of many cunts. Some of these tips and ideas include the following:

  • Maybe start off being a little less of a cunt and then after that just don't be a cunt at all.
  • Do everything that you're currently doing exactly the same, except for the being a cunt part.
  • You really shouldn't be such a cunt.
  • Pretend it's opposite day. So don't be a cunt today.

Be a hero and mail this book to a cunt in need. By default, all Ruin Days products are shipped 100% anonymously. If you'd like to include a personalized note of encouragement to your cunt-recipient, you may do so on the Cart page.

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